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Plymouth Rock DeMolay's History
Plymouth Rock DeMolay

Plymouth Rock DeMolay! History in the Making!

Plymouth Rock Chapter, Order of DeMolay, was first Instituted on May 12, 1952 under Letters Temporary, and Chartered on May 22, 1953 Sponsored by the Ashlar Club. The first Public Installation was held on October 4, 1952.
Meetings were held on the top floor of the old Masonic building at 89 Court St. in downtown Plymouth, MA.
By March of 1961 Joint Sponsorship was initiated with Plymouth Lodge AF & AM.
At that time Plymouth Rock had 13 members who had been awarded The Degree of Chevalier, the highest honor an active DeMolay can Receive, 4 Representative DeMolays and,
one recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, Brother John W. Searles, Jr.,PMC

By March of 1966 The Ashlar Club was desolved and Sponsorship was held solely by Plymouth Lodge AF & AM.
Like many of the Great Chapters of it's day, Plymouth Rock's membership started to diminish in the late 60's. The escalation of the War in Vietnam, and the draft, forced many of our members to put into practice many of the cardinal virtues they were taught during their years in DeMolay. Plmouth Rock Chapter eventually went dark in the early 70's.

In March of 2001 Steve Blanchard, PMC of Cape Cod Chapter, a Master Mason of Plymouth Lodge, approached Plymouth Lodge with a request to re-establish Plymouth Rock Chapter. In October Plymouth Lodge voted to Sponsor the opening a new chapter named Plymouth Rock Chapter.
Dad Blanchard filed the paperwork for 'Letters Temporary' with Mass. DeMolay and started the task of recruiting an Advisory Council. In February of 2002 an Advisory Council of 6 Advisors and 2 Adult Workers was trained at Plymouth Lodge completing Step 2 of the process.
Finally in mid April of 2002, 'Letters Temporary' were approved by DeMolay International.......

On May 22, 2002 the Crown of Youth was passed from Brother Daniel B. Drew, Senior DeMolay, PMC and his Officers present, to Timothy Blanchard, Appt. Master Councilor of Plymouth Rock Chapter, Order of DeMolay. Brother Drew concluded that there was no other unfinished business to come before the Chapter. With that old business was closed and the New Plymouth Rock Chapter concluded with the business of the evening. The passing of the Crown of Youth came 49 years to the day of the original Chartering of Plymouth Rock Chapter on May 22, 1953, and 50 Years and 10 days after the original Letters Temporary were issued on May 12, 1952.
With the closing of a 30 year gap in regular meetings Plymouth Rock Chapter continued with the 351st Regular Communication.


And the BEST is YET TO COME!!!!! Stay tuned and Watch Us Grow!!


Recognize any Names?

If you know how to contact any of the old members please e-mail Dad Blanchard,WebMaster. Thank you

Donald Weaver-1st PMC
Ira Carlin
Roger Weaver
Richard Chase
Douglas Beane
Kenneth Hall
Robert Miskelly
Marshall Delano
Earl Roswell, Jr.
Arthur Kierstead
Richard Beane
Lawrence A. Chase
*Daniel B. Drew
Bradford Stevens
John Searles, Jr
William Morrill
Donald Tracy
~William Kriegel
Robert Cain
*Ronald Burgess
Robert Chase
*Russel Nickerson
Arthur Saunders
William Johnson
Linwood E. Hart
David L.Randall
John F. Prentice, Jr.
K. Paul Smith
Richard Jones
Philip Gorham
Perry Wilkins
Glen Dawson
David Hall
John Burgoyne
Thomas Dickson
John Gardner
Lloyd Hobbs
Warren Radcliff
*Robert C. Melvin
David Drake
William Kitchen
Martin Bartlett
David Strassel
Paul Perry
*Robert Woodward
Andrew Kusmin
Robert McAfee
Michael Gress

* Contacted
~ Deceased

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