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Contact Us
Plymouth Rock DeMolay

You may contact us at any time with any questions you may have about upcoming events, or about DeMolay in general.


Dad Steve Blanchard -

Dad Arthur Bennett -

Mom Ellen Blanchard -

Mom Kim Howe -

Tim Blanchard -

Advisory Council:

Dad Steve Blanchard - Chapter Advisor

Dad Arthur Bennett - Advisory Council Chairman

Dad Bill Blanchard - Protocol Advisor

Mom Ellen Blanchard - Scribe/Treas. Advisor

Dad Kevin Morisi- Fundraising Advisor

Mom Kim Howe - Mother's Club Advisor

Plymouth Lodge - (508) 746-9722

This Site is under construction! Any suggestions can be sent to the WebMaster.

Note to members & advisors. I will not post phone numbers on the web site except for the phone number at the lodge. Phone lists are available to ALL members & advisors. If you would like your e-mail listed please e-mail the WebMaster. If updates are needed please e-mail me with requests or corrections!